Monday, January 14, 2019

Justice for Chrystul Kizer


I knew there was a specific case like Cyntoia Brown's somewhere that was going around, and I found it over the weekend.

If You Care About Cyntoia Brown, You Should Know Chrystul Kizer's Name

The incident in which Kizer allegedly shot and shot a white man happened just last year, which means we have a chance to get this girl out of prison before she ends up spending half or all of her life there. Let's go.

Kizer did indeed shoot and kill a guy, but he 100% deserved it.

In October, Kizer's public defenders introduced a motion that would require the state to turn over evidence that, at the time of his killing, Volar was under active investigation by the Kenosha Police Department for sexual conduct with underage girls. 
“The defense believes that the discovery in this case suggests that Ms. Kizer acted in self-defense. Mr. Volar, a 34-year-old man, was engaged in the ongoing sexual and physical abuse of Ms. Kizer, then a 17-year-old girl, and several other girls whose identities are currently unknown to the defense," reads the statement presented to Judge David Wilk.

The article doesn't explain exactly why she was there, only that this Volar pedophile dude "transported her from Milwaukee to engage in sexual contact with her," and that her boyfriend gave her the gun because Volar kept touching her. Volar was also under investigation for producing child pornography, so that may be why she was in his home. She may have been a victim of trafficking.

Kizer's court case is ongoing, but she's still in jail because her bail was set so high. This girl rid us of a child sexual abuser and pornographer, so in my book she's a hero and should get to keep the stuff she stole from him. But mostly, she's a victim of sexual abuse herself and locking her up does nothing to help her or society at large. It only ruins her life. She needs help, not for her entire life to be stolen from her.

Spread this around. Send it to the celebrities who spoke up for Cyntoia Brown. This happened in Wisconsin, so you can contact Governor Tony Evers (phone number and email address at the link) (UPDATE 12/19/19: The email address listed no longer works, new one is, hat tip to commenter Angelica) to speak out for Kizer and promise to grant her a pardon or clemency. Let's do it again, but much faster this time.

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