Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Child Migrant Prison Camp Shuts Down Thanks To Activist Efforts

Put this one down at something I did NOT see coming. That child prison camp you always see in that one photo that's in Tornillo, Texas has released its last kid and officially closed down. I didn't even know they were working on this but FUCK YES THANK GOD.

“Officials said about 5,500 of the 6,200 Central American teens who cycled through the Tornillo camp since June have been released to a parent or guardian inside the United States to await a decision in their immigration cases,” the Washington Post reported. “About 700 were transferred to other facilities overseen by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.” 
While Tornillo’s closure represents a victory for the humane treatment of vulnerable children, it absolutely cannot mean a free pass for those responsible, considering that BCFS, the organization contracted to run the prison camp, “filed more than 30 reports on ‘significant incidents’ at Tornillo since June, some involving interactions between children and staff, but none of a sexual nature.”

Fantastic. Though I am a little afraid that that place must have been seriously horrific for them to actually dismantle it. I hope all those kids are okay and weren't too traumatized. We still don't really know what that prison camp was like because they wouldn't let congressional Democrats inside, let alone press.

This place.

I'm unsure if this was the only prison camp, but there are still many migrant kids in detention, including in giant warehouses where they for some reason keep it super cold and give them those weird silver emergency blankets to sleep on the floor. They and all adult migrants need to be released. But it does make me feel better than maybe we don't have prison camps for Latinx children anymore. That's a step back from the cliff.

Keep it up, folks.

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