Friday, January 4, 2019

Amazing Women of Color

Hey. Let's talk about some positive stuff.

As much as I dislike the United States of America and basically think it shouldn't exist, it's hard not to smile at the photos and videos of all the women of color being sworn into the House. And THIS:

It's 2019 and some of the people who were originally on this land finally get some representation in the invader's government. Ok well when I put it like that it got depressing again.

Let's talk about the women of India.

5 million women in India formed a human chain to protest gender inequality at a major shrine

Now THAT'S a protest.

BBC News reports that yesterday, January 1st, about five million people from across the Indian state of Kerala gathered at Sabarimala temple to demand gender equality. Sabarimala temple is a major shrine and the largest annual pilgrimage site in the world (millions of people visit every year). Those gathered formed a “women’s wall” that stretched nearly 385 miles in protest of the temple’s historic ban on women of “menstruating age” (between 10 and 50). The protest was organized by Kerala’s local government, which originally expected three million demonstrators.

A protest organized by the government? I've never heard of such a thing. Can governments be cool?

The Times of India reports that early on January 2nd, after the women’s wall dispersed, two women in their 40s entered the shrine to offer their prayers. According to HuffPost, 44-year-old Kanakadurga and 42-year-old Bindu were the first women to successfully enter Sabarimala temple. In response, the temple was closed for a purification ceremony.

Oh my god, you guys.

The ridiculous hysteria that cis men have over menstruation is so old and boring. It's 2019, we're perfectly aware that there is nothing actually more unsanitary about menstrual blood than regular blood, and in fact it's probably cleaner. Are cis men with bandaged cuts allowed in the temple? Same thing, at least from a sanitation standpoint.

Anyway, good for these women. This is an amazingly successful protest that made an impact. Women around the world are doing fantastic.

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