Wednesday, December 12, 2018

UK Activists Convicted on Terrorism Charges for Stopping Deportations

Peaceful protesters in the UK have been found to be terrorists because they stood around a plane full of refugees being deported. The verdict came down on Human Rights Day in a perfect example of depressing irony.

More than a year and a half after the 15 defendants had locked themselves around a deportation charter flight at London’s Stansted Airport, successfully stopping it from taking off, the defendants were convicted of intentional disruption of services at an aerodrome, a terrorism-related offense with a potential life sentence.

This is bullshit of the highest order and a clear attempt to intimidate current and future activists. If anyone's committing terrorism, it's the UK's justice system. These people risked their safety to try and stop yet another example of our human rights nightmare caused by Western imperialism that our governments don't want to take responsibility for.

In a statement released minutes after the verdict was announced, the defendants wrote, “We are guilty of nothing more than intervening to prevent harm. The real crime is the government’s cowardly, inhumane and barely legal deportation flights and the unprecedented use of terror law to crack down on peaceful protest. We must challenge this shocking use of draconian legislation, and continue to demand an immediate end to these secretive deportation charter flights and a full independent public inquiry into the government’s ‘hostile environment’.”

But hey who cares about human rights when these activists dared to cause flights to be delayed and rerouted, right?

The Crown Prosecution Service published a press release about the verdict, outlining the disruption to airport operations, such as delayed and rerouted flights, caused by the Stansted 15’s action. Judith Reed, a deputy chief crown prosecutor, stated, “The [Crown Prosecution Service] worked with the police to build a strong case which reflected the criminality of the defendant’s actions, regardless of their motivation.” Tony Badenoch, who represented the prosecution in court, declined to comment.

Fuck you and your whining about minor inconveniences. These activists were trying to save lives. Deported refugees end up dead all the time. And they actually did save some of the refugees on that plane from being deported. But they face life in prison because some flights were delayed and that's terrorism, according to the Crown Prosecution Service.

I hope it shames you that this is the kind of bullshit I would expect from U.S. courts.

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