Thursday, December 6, 2018

Hey This is Extremely Alarming


In yet another reminder that the new rise of fascism and white supremacy is not just a U.S. problem but a global one, Denmark is thinking they'll just stick all their refugees on an island and uh, "encourage" them to stay there "as much as possible," and their human rights is not a priority.

I'm not even editorializing here.

Denmark plans to isolate 'unwanted' refugees on remote island

"Our approach is that they should stay on the island as much as possible, and if we can keep them there the whole time, we will aim to do that," said Henriksen, who claimed that the policy was inspired by the Australian immigration model. "We plan to have police, prison services, guards and detention cells in place, in case of any unrest." 
The plans have caused concern among rights groups. "It is important to note that these people, while they have committed crimes, have already served their sentence," Louise Holck, deputy director of the Danish Institute for Human Rights, told CNN. "There is no grounds for detention, and from a human rights perspective, we are not just talking about windows with bars .... We will have to assess that they are not detained de facto." 
However, Henriksen told CNN that he has no qualms about pushing the boundaries of human rights conventions. 
"We are doing what we believe is in the best interest of Danes, and if it comes down to choosing whose interest to protect -- then we will take care of our own first," he said. "But it will, of course, be up to the Danish government to determine what lies within the conventions."

Soooo this is going to be a prison island. It sure would be easy just to drop a bomb on that island, right? Also apparently this "immigration center" they're planning used to be a research center where they kept and did experiments on "seriously ill and contagious animals."

This sounds like a set up to a movie about a really fucked up government thing where they say they're just keeping some people safe over here on this remote island but really they're getting them sick on purpose and then performing horrific experiments on them.

Either way, the language used by the Danish government here is terrifying.

DPP immigration spokesperson Martin Henriksen told CNN: "Our hope ... is that people outside Denmark will understand that Denmark is not a very attractive place to seek asylum, if you are of refugee background, mean to cause harm, or incite crime." 
StĂžjberg wrote on Facebook, "When you are unwanted in Danish society, you should not be a nuisance for regular Danes," adding, "(The refugees) will be getting a new address."

"You're a nuisance, so if you come here on your flight from dangerous and intolerable conditions in your home, prepare for it to be as shitty as possible," is what that says.

This Henrickson guy, who is a spokesperson for the 100% fascist and white supremacist "Danish People's Party," says this is all about protecting the Danish people. Then he almost immediately proves that he was lying and that it's really about attacking refugees by saying this:

"I hope it will inspire other countries to do the same," said Henriksen. "If they want any advice they are always welcome to call. We want other countries to tighten up their rules too. We believe it is in everyone's interest to do that."

Hey guy why don't you go choke on the barrel of a nazi revolver? I bet you have some kind of replica nazi gun stashed in your house. So choke on it.

If this keeps going, it's only a matter of time before the mass murder of refugees begins.

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