Friday, December 14, 2018

Another Child Dies Due to ICE Neglect

A seven-year-old girl has died in ICE custody after crossing the border with her parents. She died of dehydration and exhaustion. And for some reason, publications like Newsweek are still doing this:

The young girl—whose identity has not yet been released—was captured last week after illegally crossing from Mexico to New Mexico with her father and more than 100 other migrants, according to The Washington Post. On December 6, at around 10 p.m., the group of approximately 163 people approached border agents and turned themselves in for detention.

Even if her parents did cross in a way that the U.S. doesn't consider to be illegal, how can a seven-year-old even do something illegal? You think that dehydrated child has any comprehension of border laws? Why do you always have to use the word "illegally" like that every time something horrible happens to people just trying to find a tolerable living situation/avoid a terrible death? Do we care more about what technically is legal than the fact that little children are dying from completely avoidable situations?

Remember how Border Patrol agents like to go out and destroy food and water reserves left by charity organizations for migrants crossing the desert? I wonder if one of those could have saved that little girl.

Certainly prompt medical attention could have saved her once her family was arrested, but she didn't get that. Did she even get water?

Eight hours later, while in custody, the girl started experiencing seizures, according to CBP records reviewed by The Post. Authorities soon learned that she “reportedly had not eaten or consumed water for several days" and immediately transported her to Providence Hospital in El Paso, Texas, where she went into cardiac arrest. Although she was revived, she failed to recover and died less than 24 hours after arriving at the medical center. 
It was unclear whether the girl was sufficiently looked after or provided with food and water while in custody. CBP told The Post that the agency was investigating the death to ensure appropriate procedures were followed.

Going eight hours without food or water is a long time for anyone. They're not providing any water to children who just spent weeks walking all day every day without reliable access to food and water?

This 100% never should have happened. Just give these people water. Water. Give them water. But Border Patrol doesn't care one bit about these actual human beings. They'd probably rather they all die.

A-bol-ish ICE right now.

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