Friday, November 16, 2018

Trump Tells Antifa What We Already Know

You probably saw the news that Lord Dampnut "warned" antifa, or whatever he thinks is antifa, that their "opposition" was going to become violent after a small group of mostly liberals yelled at Tucker Carlson's house for 15 minutes. He did so in an interview with the Daily Caller, which of course Dampnut agreed to an interview with, because it's a right-wing propaganda rag that was created by Tucker Carlson.

Trumps Warns of Violent Backlash from "the Opposition to Antifa"

They better hope that the opposition to Antifa decides not to mobilize. These people, like the Antifa—they better hope that the other side doesn’t mobilize. Because if they do, they’re much tougher. Much stronger. Potentially much more violent. And Antifa’s going to be in big trouble. [...] Because if you look, the other side, it’s the military. It’s the police. It’s a lot of very strong, a lot of very tough people. Tougher than them. And smarter than them. They’re sitting back and watching and they’re getting angrier and angrier.

The hilarious thing about this is how intensely Trump doesn't get it. Anti-fascists already know that their opposition will become violent. Why? Because the opposition to anti-fascists are fascists. All antifa has done since fascists began crawling out of their sewers in the past few years is warn people that FASCISTS WILL BECOME VIOLENT. Actually, what we're really trying to get people to understand is that fascism is an inherently violent ideology. Fascism is violent. Fascists are violent. Anti-fascism is literally nothing more than a response to that violence, which has already mobilized and killed people.

So it's pretty funny that Dampnut thinks he can intimidate antifa by "warning" us that fascists will become [more] violent. And then it gets 1000% better when he basically calls the military and the police fascists. What's not funny is that this might be another way for Trump to encourage fascist violence. It might also be a way of once again priming the general population to accept fascism.

You know what you can do to fight against fascism? Start openly supporting antifa tactics. Call yourself an anti-fascist. You're not for fascism, are you? Then you're an anti-fascist. Antifa only exists because fascism exists. Once the threat of fascism once again retreats into the mud, antifa will disappear. Without antifa action, fascism would quickly overrun this country. Support antifa.

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