Friday, November 2, 2018

Rock Throwing Should Not Carry a Death Sentence

That shouldn't be a controversial statement. People get mad and throw rocks at soldiers. It happens everywhere. You know why? Because soldiers represent the imperialist, typically racist force making their lives miserable. This is why Palestinian kids throw rocks at Israeli soldiers. Remember when those soldiers were sniping rock-throwing kids and laughing about it, and we were all appalled? The same applies to migrant kids throwing rocks at U.S. soldiers on the border. We destroyed their homes and when they come here for asylum, we rip apart their families and throw them in cages and call it order.

If you can't handle a couple rocks being thrown your way for being a part of an imperialist death machine when you're armed with a giant gun, then you're definitely a fragile snowflake who should quit the army and get a desk job. You can't even handle retail.

You don't get to kill civilians for throwing rocks at you. But this is what our fucking president is encouraging our soldiers to do.

Rocks. Are not. Guns.

He just wants migrants to die. Because they're not people, right?

How long until they just start mass murdering the migrants they have in detention?

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