Tuesday, November 27, 2018

PSA: Do Not Put Tear Gas on Your Nachos

I can't believe I have to fucking say this. But apparently, the president of the fucking Border Patrol Foundation said that you can put tear gas on your nachos and eat it.

He claims it's actually pepper spray, which, no, it's not, but pepper spray is also extremely painful and incapacitating and can cause blindness and could possibly kill someone who had a bad reaction to it or had asthma. Tear gas is sort of like pepper spray only it's designed to dissolve into a smoke so that it can go directly into your lungs, making it much more dangerous for those with respiratory issues and for people in general.

Which is why tear gas is prohibited from use in war. If Mexico catapulted tear gas onto U.S. soil, our government would be freaking the fuck out because it would be considered an act of war.

But listen. Captain Potato Head here knows all this. White supremacists like this barely even have to try anymore. This is how low we've gone as a country. A huge section of our population will hear "you can tear gas your nachos" and use that to defend tear gassing desperate refugees. That is, if they're not blatantly celebrating it because they're monstrous, virulent racists.

This makes me want to carry around pepper spray so I can give someone a taste if they ever try to spout this kind of bullshit in my general area.

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