Monday, November 26, 2018

Ohio Republicans Want to Go Full Handmaid's Tale, I Think


Full disclosure, I haven't read or watched the Handmaid's Tale because good lord I don't need to subject my brain to speculation of how bad systemic misogyny could get when I fight against how bad it already is on a daily.

The point is that what the fuck even is going on here:

Ohio Republicans declare motherhood “necessary,” want to make it mandatory

The second part of that headline may be speculation, but the first is literal.

During debate over the bill in the Ohio state house, Republican state Rep. Christina Hagan brought her infant twins onto the floor to shame women who aren't mothers about their alleged selfishness. 
"Motherhood isn't easy but it's necessary," Hagan dramatically declared when arguing for her bill to make motherhood mandatory.

Anti-choice bills are definitely efforts to make motherhood mandatory for women who become pregnant (and of course anti-choicers generally refuse to accept the fact that men and people of other genders can become pregnant). If they could get away with it, I'm sure they would make motherhood mandatory for everyone they decide is a woman. Those who can't conceive would be forced to adopt. Next maybe would be making it illegal for women to wear shoes.

The recent surge in extreme anti-choice bills, including ones that make any abortion illegal with zero exceptions, is fucking terrifying now that Brett "Crying Rapist" Kavanagh is on the Supreme Court. I'll be safe in liberal Washington State, but most U.S. states will be extremely vulnerable to losing their right to bodily autonomy, and Republicans know it. It's going to get real bad real fast, because this is how they think.

As a woman who does not want children, I can say unequivocally that motherhood is NOT necessary. It's not necessary for me to live, for me to be fulfilled, for me to be happy, or anything else. In fact, I'm pretty sure that not having kids is necessary for me to be happy. I don't want kids and I certainly don't want to permanently damage some perfectly innocent children by raising them when I don't want kids.

Don't tell me what I need unless you're willing to eat my entire ass.

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