Friday, November 9, 2018

Mail Time

Got my first bit of mail in a while after that post about Tucker Carlson. From "Anjelica." Subject: "Sad - Take responsibility for your choices."

Your latest post where you justify intentionally harrassing people just because you don't like their politics is not only sad but misguided. Other people aren't around to serve as the foils for the emotions you choose to serve and act upon.  
If Carlson says something you dislike, it's *your* chosen values which keep you awake at night, and what you choose to stay awake over or value is not his responsibility, no matter how much you disagree with him.  
It's *yours*. So the idea that Carlson 'makes' people feel fear, or makes someone stay up all night, or makes someone harrass him is merely an evasion of responsibility for the choice to feel those things.  
No, it's not OK to harass people because of what you've chosen to feel while blaming them for your feelings.

Dear Anjelica,

Tucker Carlson is literally a white supremacist. He gets in front of the camera five days a week, or maybe less, I don't know, I don't have cable, but the point is he gets in front of the camera regularly and works to incite violence against people in this country who don't have the privilege of a mansion and gates and money to hire private security and also enough money to get attention from the entire country and have the DC police investigate this as a fucking hate crime, which is the biggest joke I've seen since Trump was elected.

People are dying. White supremacist thugs are patrolling the streets and attacking anyone who stands up to them and/or random people of color or anyone who looks queer. Experts on fascism are saying we're already several steps down the path toward becoming a full blown fascist state.

The fact that you're worried about Tucker being harassed while millions of Jewish people, queer people, and people of color have to fear for their lives because of him shows who you care about and who you don't. As long as we keep doing nothing, more people will die, and things will continue to get worst for the oppressed people of this country. I don't give a flying fuck if Tucker Carlson never has a good night's sleep again. He doesn't deserve it. He gets up every morning and CHOOSES to spew bigotry and knowingly incite deadly violence.

And the idea that we choose to feel our feelings is bullshit. Emotions are a reflex. You can only choose what to do with them. I'm choosing to use my anger to speak out against fascists and encourage direct action that might actually be effective. That post caused you to feel something that you did not choose to feel. What you did choose to do was use your time and energy to chide me for refusing to do nothing and let this country slide into a fascist state where countless oppressed people will be rounded up and murdered. That made me feel angry again, and I choose to say a big "fuck you" in response.

Maybe instead of blaming the people who are made to feel afraid by Tucker's hateful rhetoric, focus on the people he makes feel angry at those same scared people who then go out and attack and murder them. And take like a Psych 101 course or something because you're talking nonsense to a psych nerd. Then choose not to email me again.


Lindsey "Fuck You Angelica" Weedston

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