Monday, November 26, 2018

How Am I Supposed to Come Up With a Headline for This


This is what we've become. No, that's wrong. This is what we always were. Or maybe this is what we were, then we got a little better, and now we're right back to being what we were before?

Today I read this article in the Guardian by a white guy named Bryan who followed the large migrant caravan for a while and then drove home to a bed and all the food he could ever need. It focuses on a mother of a kid with Down Syndrome and a father of a girl with cerebral palsy. The piece shows how desperate, brave, strong, and yet also everyday the people of this caravan are. They're just trying to survive, like so many migrants before them. Some of them are sick and might die before they reach us. Bryan does well to remind us that 3.5 million Americans moved out of the Great Plains area of the U.S. Many men migrated, mostly walking, to states like California, where they were treated like absolute shit and sometimes killed.

We really hate the poor in this country. Combine that with a race that is not white, and you hardly have a chance.

So we let so-called president send 5,000 soldiers to the border and close down a major entry point into the country. We watch as they tear-gas and fire rubber bullets at people desperate to enter the country. Apparently, most of them don't know that they'll be detained and possibly separated from their children. So much for a deterrent. Either way, some might choose separation over going home to have their children murdered by gangs.

It's only a matter of time before the soldiers, who are trained to view people like these migrants as enemies, open fire with regular bullets on these human beings for the crime of trying to live. Mexico said they deported those who rushed the gate yesterday. For the crime of trying to live.

The Guardian article is shit for inserting both-side-ism into this issue, trying to say that people calling racists racist are as bad as the racists. Meanwhile conservatives are demanding to know WHO PAID FOR some busses in the middle of Mexico that helped transport mothers, children, and disabled people from one town to another. How exactly do they think that expense is going to get back to them? It was done by some generous woman in Mexico who doesn't even want to be identified. But also, if all you care about in this issue is money, then fuck you. As soon as you care more about money than human lives, fuck you. And fuck the capitalism you rode in on.

I don't know what to do anymore. I don't know how to convince people that human beings don't deserve to die for trying to survive. People don't deserve to die for being poor or being born in a country that the U.S. gleefully fucked up beyond repair or any other accident of birth. These rich Republican shits couldn't survive a day in the shoes of the human beings in this caravan. They'd be on the ground sobbing in the space of an hour. And they have the audacity to judge.

Every day now I ask myself why I don't head down south and dedicate every waking moment of my life to helping these people sneak into the country and subverting the efforts of the border agents. I don't know how much longer I can sit in my apartment doing nothing but screaming into the void about the death of the collective human soul.

Why do we think we deserve to survive the climate apocalypse? So many humans are so utterly cruel, willing to condemn thousands to an ugly death just to line their pockets a little more or because they think they're reinforcing the privilege they already have. Those conservatives who are not rich will die with the rest of us when the climate apocalypse comes. Then they will have to face their god.

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