Thursday, November 8, 2018

Here's Fascism!

After being held back by the midterms for a couple months, Trump is jumping right back onto the fascism train. He fired the key people in charge of the Mueller investigation and replaced them with his cronies.

I'm not sure if Trump knows this, but Mueller is almost done with his investigation. Pretty much the last step was to interview Trump himself, or let him answer questions in writing. Then he was going to submit his report. I don't know if they can stop him at this point, unless they're just planning on raiding his office and burning everything. And if they do that, well, I sure hope that will convince people that we're already well on our way down the slide into full fascism.

The thing with Acosta, the journalist who gently deflected some poor intern who was ordered to grab the microphone from him, is also extremely troubling. And yes, I am very angry that these fascist asswipes are trying to use feminist issues and language to justify banning a White House journalist from the press briefings. Acosta clearly barely touched that woman and it was only to stop her from taking the microphone while she grabbed at him. And Kavanagh is on the Supreme Court.

I hate them so much.

But I also really, really feel sorry for that intern. She clearly did not want to do what she was doing but was pressured to do so, then had to do that humiliating sit-down after she failed to get the mic, and now have Republicans use that awkward, embarrassing few seconds to attack freedom of the press.

Together, these are some very bad signs. The Mueller thing has crossed a "red line," according to action groups who were waiting to respond to just this. There are going to be protests across the country at 5PM local time. You can easily Google it to find one near you. If you're feeling down like I am after the election, protests are a great place to find positive energy and remind yourself that there are many people who want to fight against the approaching fascism. If you've never been to a protest before and are afraid of being awkward, trust me when I say that you can easily blend in with the crowd. No one will notice you.

If Trump fires Mueller, well. That'll be the time to lose our collective minds. I'm also anxious for that report. I'm a little worries that Mueller will have gone easy on Trump and Republicans in general, because he is a Republican. We'll see. Or not.

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