Thursday, November 1, 2018

Here is Your Fascist Propaganda of the Day

Along with everything else, Trump is tweeting out anti-immigrant propaganda videos, produced and distributed by the administration. It is full racist fearmongering designed to scare people into voting Republican so they aren't "overrun" by the "army" of families and little children and elderly people limping thousands of miles to the U.S. because we destroyed their country and if they return they'll likely die.

I don't necessarily recommend watching this unless you're white:

Using one man of color as a boogeyman to scare white people into voting Republican is exactly how they elected H.W. Bush. The actions of literally millions of white supremacists in this country aren't supposed to define the right, but this one dude is supposed to define all migrants? #NotAllMen but #YesAllMigrants, yeah?

I could point out right-wing hypocrisy until blood shoots out my ears, but it doesn't make a difference to them.

Just know that this is white supremacist propaganda. They are demonizing an entire ethnic group. A group whose children are already in prison camps.

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