Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Headline of the Month

You ever see one of those headlines that makes you check the source to see if it's satire and then when you see that it's not, you start screaming and then never stop?

Surging Wealth Inequality Is A Happy Sign That Life Is Becoming Much More Convenient

I know it's painful, but it's actually important for us to read this shit, because this is what the rich really believe is reasonable discourse. I wouldn't be surprised if this argument spread. This is how the rich think, and what they think will convince the poor to accept our lower status.

The shame of socialism is that the wildly talented are restrained from profitably improving the lives of the people around them, and perhaps continents away. Thinking about life two hundred years ago, distance was a severely limiting factor for the talented when it came to making things better for everyone. No doubt there were people with skills similar to those of the richest Americans today, and some became very well-to-do by early 19th century standards. But they didn’t become staggeringly rich simply because a lack of technology limited the ability of the ‘1 percenters’ of the early 19th to touch the U.S. (and the world) with their genius. Limited technology has socialistic qualities in the outcome sense for it restraining the brilliant from improving the lives of others while getting rich for doing just that.

For some unexplained reason, everyone having access to the things they need to survive and thrive would have prevented anyone from inventing things like trains and cars, says John Tamny, Director of the Center for Economic Freedom at FreedomWorks. But under capitalism, the technology that should have freed all of us from drudgery instead allowed a privileged few to hoard 90% of the resources, and that's a good thing!

Before technology shrank the U.S. and the world in a figurative sense, entrepreneurial genius was logically a narrow, town and/or neighborhood concept. After its proliferation, the surging inequality that resulted was the very predictable, and very happy result. The “robber barons” got rich by virtue of erasing cruel living standards simply because the talented could more and more serve the masses. Readers should never forget that the richest entrepreneurs almost always get that way by improving the living conditions of the greatest number of people. Surging wealth inequality is rather egalitarian and immensely compassionate despite what you’re told.

So... wealth inequality is good... because a few rich men were able to take advantage of technology... and get way richer.

The people living in poor areas of the U.S., whether it's neglected and highly policed parts of big cities populated mostly by black and Latinx people, poor rural areas, Native American reservations, or what have you, would be very confused by the idea that the rich "erased cruel living standards." I would honestly like to kidnap John Tamny and force him to sit on a public school toilet in a low-income school in Baltimore for 24 hours. This guy legitimately thinks that because microwaves exist, nobody lives under cruel conditions. But they do. And those conditions exist largely because of that wealthy inequality John is trying to convince us is good.

John goes on to talk about how wealth inequality is great because soon self-driving cars will be able to deliver pizzas to us 24/7! No mention of how those robot cars will be putting poor people out of work which will increase wealth inequality, but I guess if wealth inequality is good, so is mass unemployment and poverty, right? Who cares if the U.S. has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world! Rich people can get Pizza Hut whenever they want! And they won't have to tip those dirty, greedy delivery drivers anymore, right?

You know, I think I was wrong about something. The poor will never be convinced by this "argument" in favor of rich people hoarding all the resources therefore causing poverty. This article is for rich people, to help them convince themselves that their hoarding and creation of mass poverty and misery is a good thing.

Crucial about all this is that the commercial seers who get the future right will grow stunningly rich for being right. The more convenient life is, the more wealth unequal are the living. But as opposed to a sign of hardship, the happier truth is that life is truly cruel when the talented aren’t getting rich. That’s when we know that no one is devising ways to make our lives easier, cheaper, healthier, more productive, and everything else good. Life without rising inequality is very much like life would be with socialism.

It's easier to read this article if you read the entire thing in Samantha Bee's sarcastic fake happy voice.

Thank GOD for poverty. Without poverty, how would the rich be able to have every luxury and convenience that could be imagined????? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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