Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Federal Judge Rules That Lopping Off the Clitoris is Constitutional


Today in Issues I Ignorantly Assumed Only Applied to Countries Other Than the U.S. Because I Still Do That for Some Reason.

Ban on female genital mutilation ruled unconstitutional

I will be referring to this as "clitoral mutilation" because there is no such thing as "female genitals." However, we can all recognize that in a highly cissexist society, this is meant as an attack on women. "This" meaning both the ruling and clitoral mutilation in general.

A federal judge in Chicago has ruled that the US law against female genital mutilation is unconstitutional, dismissing charges against eight people, including two doctors. 
District Judge Bernard Friedman said “Congress overstepped its bounds” by outlawing the practice known as female circumcision, or cutting. 
Friedman said it was up to states rather than Congress to regulate the practice.

So basically, this judge is just an asshole conservative "states rights are very important to me as long as it affords me an opportunity to hurt oppressed people" type of guy. Meanwhile, people who subjected underage girls to an unnecessary surgery meant to severely reduce their sexual pleasure while exposing them to awful and common complications from this procedure will get away with it and possibly go on to hurt more girls.

This ruling will likely go on to be overturned, but the fact that I had to read that headline with my own eyes today in addition to all the other bullshit that's going on in the world means that a certain Judge can go fuck himself all the way to retirement, which should be tomorrow.

Anyway here's all Judge Friedman's information including phone numbers you can call.

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