Friday, November 30, 2018

Cops Will Be Cops


Let's all laugh at this to pretend for a second that it's not terrifying.

Three Police Officers Allegedly Wanted To “Whoop Some Ass” At A Protest But Beat Up An Undercover Cop Instead

Boone, Hays, and Myers encountered a man identified as L.H. in the crowd and arrested him. The undercover detective, a 22-year veteran of the police force, was dressed as a protester and providing information to officers about potential criminal activity in the crowd. 
According to the indictment, Boone, Hays, and Myers used unreasonable force: throwing the detective to the ground, kicking him, and hitting him with a riot baton “while he was compliant and not posing a physical threat to anyone.” 
When they learned that he was an undercover officer, the three men then lied about what they had done and accused him of resisting arrest, the indictment said. They tried to contact L.H. to convince him not to pursue disciplinary or legal action, and Boone, Hays, and Myers also met with or texted various potential witnesses to try to get them to join the cover-up, the indictment states.


I mean, I knew that cops are violent assholes who join the force as an excuse to assault people with impunity, and it is funny that for once they turned that on one of their own, and funnier that they tried to cover it up and fucked that up worse than something out of a comedy starring Seth Rogan.

But the blatantness of it is terrifying.

“Let’s whoop some ass,” Myers allegedly wrote on Sept. 15. 
“It’s gonna be a lot of fun beating the hell out of these shitheads once the sun goes down and nobody can tell us apart!!!!” Boone allegedly wrote in another message. 
“We really need these fuckers to start acting up so we can have some fun,” he allegedly said the next night. 
In another exchange between Hays and Boone, Hays cautioned the other officer against using violence, though “going rogue does feel good.” 
“Remember were are in south city,” Hays allegedly texted, referencing to the majority white population of the area. “They support us, but also cameras. So make sure you have an old white dude as a witness.”

Again, I ask you: Do we really need cops? Is the policing system in this country a good thing? Is it a good thing anywhere? Can you stop "bad apples" from showing up en-masse to apply for a job that might as well say "bad apples apply here if you want to beat up people for fun and probably never face any consequences"?

Police departments are bad apple factories peppered with a few good apples.

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