Thursday, October 18, 2018

Your Violent Fascist Street Gangs Are Here

Over the weekend, "Proud Boys" and their buddies in Patriot Prayer violently attacked people, as they always do whenever they get together. At the same time, Portland police revealed that prior to a Patriot Prayer rally/march that was guaranteed to draw counter-protesters, cops found and "redirected" a group of PP dudes with a "cache" of weapons including "long guns" from the roof of a parking structure right above the rally site.

Apparently, because these guys had a conceal carry permit, they were free to go. Despite having a "cache" of guns, which, like, how do you conceal that many guns? How do you get to a point in this country where a group of guys from a violent gang can hang out with a cache of guns at a sniper point over a planned rally and the only thing that the police will do is say "move along"? Why is it that black men and boys get killed for holding toy guns and members of a white supremacist group can't be touched until they start shooting to kill?

I mean, yeah, I know why. But fucking hell, Portland PD. Really? This happened back in early August, by the way. They hid this from the public until now. Maybe Portland citizens would have liked to be warned that Patriot Prayer activity is a serious mass shooting risk? Maybe???????

Anyway, over in New York, members of the Proud Boys went out after their leader, who can't seem to not look like a cartoon supervillain, gave a speech about how he wanted to kill someone with a sword. They roamed the streets, as they do, in a mob pumped up on toxic masculinity and attacked anyone who stood up to them in any way. They viciously beat someone on camera, with police nearby, because the person snatched a MAGA hat off of one of their greasy heads. According to witnesses, the mob had a fucking police escort, yet cops did nothing as Proud Boys attacked and beat multiple individuals, shouting homophobic slurs and celebrating after each cowardly group attack.

It's only now, after national outrage, that the NYPD claims to be "seeking" individual Proud Boys involved in these brutal assaults. We'll see if anyone is even arrested.

What we can be sure of is the fact that we now officially have our latest brand of fascist street thugs going out and attacking anyone who they perceive to be against them and their glorious leader, Lord Dampnut.

Violent gangs that go out and attack people in the name of fascism with or without official sanction from fascist politicians appear any time a fascist regime arises. Probably the first example that pops into your head are the Brown Shirts from the Third Reich. I have been told by people who are much better educated in history than I am that the creation and proliferation of the Proud Boys is very similar to that of the Brown Shirts.

The twisted thing about the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer is that they operate via constant obfuscation of reality. Doing so allows them to only think they are winning. They want to attack people. They're aching to prove their masculinity via violence. That is blatantly written in the Proud Boys bylaws. So if they march through the streets and people stand up to them, they get an excuse to commit violence. They win. If we let them march through the streets unchallenged, they still win, because to them that means everybody is too afraid to stand up to them.

This comes combined with the concept of Schrodinger's Douchebag, where they are simultaneously racist and not racist, sexist and not sexist, joking and not joking, until they get a reaction. This allows them to claim that they are operating within acceptable societal norms while still promoting their misogynistic, white supremacist agenda. If you declare them racist, then ha ha, you're a [insert ableist slur here] who doesn't get humor. If you don't, they keep on being racist and converting more disaffected men to white nationalism.

It's a constant gaslighting hell that makes it impossible to ever argue with them. The only option left to us is to not bother even talking to them and instead make sure attacking people in the streets is not worth the trouble for them. Getting the police to arrest them is not a good option in that respect because the police are so clearly on their side. The only option then is to fight back. If you don't want to fight, you'd best be supporting the antifa black bloc folks willing to do it for you.

Actually, it's not the only option. These thugs will slip back into the sewers of society as soon as the fascist Trump regime ends. Violent nationalist gangs are a symptom of fascism. But unless we're willing to end it violently, we have to wait until at least November 6. A blue takeover of both the House and Senate might demoralize these thugs enough to slow down attacks like we saw over last weekend. They also might push back harder. I doubt they will disappear entirely until the Trump regime ends.

Until then, be prepared. Be ready for intimidation at polling sites in November. If you're a person of color, a woman, and or LGBTQ+, keep an eye on their activity and try not to be walking the streets alone. If you can, learn some self-defense. And for the love of fuck, support antifa. They are our protectors in these times.

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