Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Trump is Tossing Out an Amendment to the Constitution and That is Fascism

This birthright citizenship thing. I forgot to mention it in my last post but it probably needs one of its own anyway.

It's not a "distraction" so shut up about that shit right now. Even if Trump fully intended it as a distraction, calling something that is blatantly fascist and white supremacist a "distraction" is so dismissive, just stop. This is something that is going to affect many lives, and likely end at least a few, so SHUT UP.

Not only that, but Trump is threatening the very core of the democracy of this nation. He is claiming that an executive order can override a constitutional amendment. It can't, but the fact that he's going to try and do it anyway is a massive threat to the country. He has ignored the law before and said he'll do it again. Even if the Supreme Court rules against him on this, which, let's be honest, it won't, I have no doubt that he would ignore that ruling and plunge full on ahead. If we let him, rule of law will mean nothing anymore and he will know it.

Not only that, but the 14th Amendment protects all people born in the U.S. from having our citizenship revoked for any reason. Trump will go on to revoke the citizenship of anyone who stands against him, starting with the most vulnerable.

This is a huge tipping point. I fear that even flipping both the House and Senate won't stop him. The fact that he's doing this at the same time as nodding to and protecting white supremacists tells me that he's expecting resistance and needs loyal footsoldiers to attack protesters.

Every time we let him get away with something like this, things get worse and he gets bolder. If we don't take a stand now, more people will die. So vote, and protest, and make all the noise you can on social media. Don't let him get away with this.

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