Friday, October 26, 2018

The Large Crowd of Asylum Seekers is a Humanitarian Crisis

Not a threat. Not an army. Not a mob coming to steal your jobs and eat your children.

That might seem ridiculous to even say, but Fox News has been saying all of it except for the eating children part, as far as I know. Right-wing pundits are calling it an army because they're carrying flags. They've also suggested that somehow the Democrats have organized and paid for this "caravan," and are even, like, driving them in buses and then having them get out an walk for the news cameras.

Again, couldn't beat Donald Trump in a presidential election, but are getting 7,000 people on and off buses on a daily without getting caught.

The reality is that these people, who are walking from fucking Honduras, will take months to get here. What is also a reality is that what we should be doing is going to them and helping any way we can. These people are fleeing deadly, unlivable conditions that, for the millionth time, THE U.S. CAUSED.  Now Trump is sending troops to the border, to I guess sit on their asses for months until those people get here, and then, what? Tell them to walk back? Kill them all?

The next couple months are going to be full of increased fearmongering about this horrible "army" of families with children and babies walking to the U.S. because they have nowhere else to go and we keep blathering on about how great we are. Considering the fact that we destroyed their country, the only acceptable thing to do right now would be to send a ton of busses down to bring them all to the U.S. safely and set them up in some of the millions of empty houses we have sitting around, give them citizenship, and leave them alone. Then maybe, I dunno, we could stop ruining everybody's counties and then whining about migrants and asylum seekers.

Demonizing these people is nothing less than the work of the fucking devil.

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