Friday, October 19, 2018

Request for Donations

Remember early last month when I wrote about turning 30 and everything working out for me? Well, my professional life kind of collapsed this month, and now I am basically unemployed. I'm a freelancer with zero clients.

I will ultimately be fine, but I am still climbing out of a depression that makes it a bit more difficult to look for work (understatement) and, you know, it's a good time to donate if you were thinking about it. Also I deserve payment for my labor, feminism, etc. You know the drill.

The best way to donate to me is through Paypal, and here is my link.

Otherwise you could donate through my Patreon.

Shoutout to my one Patron, who is amazing and revived my dreams of just blogging like this for a living.

Small, one-time donations are also wonderful, as any donation lifts my spirits.

I'm thinking about changing this blog to Revolutionary Feminism straight on blogger for now and then migrating to WordPress later, if I ever again find some semblance of financial security. We need a whole lot more than to not be sorry. Revolution now, woo! Come on, we're all sick to death of struggling to survive, right? It doesn't need to be like this. Just reach out and take my hand...

I just realized I can look through every gif I've ever used on this blog holy shit. So many great gifs. How can you live without these gifs? If you're reading these posts on Tumblr without clicking through, you're really missing out, by the way. I can't find a program that will auto-post to Tumblr that can post the images on Tumblr along with the text. If you were wondering.

Have a wonderful day, fine readers. Destroy capitalism.

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