Friday, October 19, 2018

Post-Reality America

I've got an extra special treat coming for you awesome people who regularly or sometimes read my blog. I just finished recording a podcast with Unpopular Front, a local leftist podcast by Ben Udashen. In it you'll hear me say "sorry" because we were both trying to talk at the same time, which is exactly what this blog is supposed to be teaching me not to do. But also, you'll hear me try to articulate in actual talking words how I feel about the rise of fascist street gangs in post-reality America.

The constant gaslighting, reality-skirting, truth-fucking-with thing that is constantly going on on the right right now, well, it turns me into a bad writer because just look at all those double words! It's difficult to articulate in any medium how the right is just constantly fucking with our heads. It has so many of us at a loss. It's like trying to fight a shadow. It's like trying to punch the little specks you see floating in your vision because if you look for them. It's like trying to attack something that exists between realities. It's like trying to defend yourself from your own brain, and as a mentally ill person, I know something about that.

I don't know if there are any right-wing leaders who are actually consciously strategizing this shit or if it just evolved into something that works so they keep doing it. But what we're up against is a president who will say something on camera, so that it's undeniable that it happened, and then he'll say it didn't happen. He'll just straight up lie. Not only lie, but lie about something that you cannot possibly get away with. And he does it because his base will support him no matter what. At this point he'd have to veer far left for them to stop supporting him. So he just looks reality in the eye and says "you don't exist." That's our president right now.

And you have a federal governing body controlled by people who are doing the same thing, perhaps in smaller, less-blatant respects, but they do it. They deny things you can't deny. They spit in the face of straight facts. Then they hold up wild conspiracy theories with no actual supporting evidence as truth.

Then you have these various groups that are doing their dirty work, from Proud Boys to your everyday fascist internet troll, operating within a bizarre meme culture that I believe is not only impossible to understand, it's not meant to be understood. It's just a constant blurring of reality to keep people confused. It's also handy to them because those who at least somewhat know how to navigate this Wonderland of ugly frogs and racial slurs can signal to one another. It's like a coded language of ever-shifting new ways to call people snowflakes or whatever, and you have to be really involved to keep up. I couldn't pass myself off as one of them because I would have no clue what the fuck they're talking about when they say shit like "Pinochet did nothing wrong."

Truth, reality, hypocrisy - none of that matters to them. In fact, that shit is inconvenient. Maybe it's a result of facts being so accessible thanks to the internet. They can't just go around promoting old, utterly debunked racial pseudoscience anymore. We can google that shit. So they've just resorted to confusing the shit out of us. You can't argue with someone who has zero allegiance to truth and reality. So they "win" when you refuse to or quit in the middle out of total frustration.

What they're doing is making it impossible to use our words against them. And that really only leaves violence. In the case of the Proud Boys, that works in their favor because they basically worship violence. They want a more violent society. But probably not one in which they lose and end up getting their own asses kicked. I'm not saying I want a more violent society, because I don't even like to work out and I do not like confrontation of any kind. But they aren't leaving people with much choice. If they don't want to play by the rules, if they don't actually want any kind of civil society, then may they reap what they sow.

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