Tuesday, October 23, 2018

No Country for Proud Boys on the Unpopular Front

So about yesterday. My cheap crappy laptop charging cord died on Sunday so I had to rush order a new cheap crappy laptop charging cord. It was supposed to get here yesterday but because Amazon is full of LIES and OWES ME $3.99 FOR SHIPPING I now have to blog on my boyfriend's computer, which cannot even fit on my lap.

But anyway, as promised, here is that podcast I was featured in:

No Country for Proud Boys w/Lindsey Weedston

We talk about being a woman playing online video games, my South Park article, and the absolutely weirdness of the "alt-right," including their violent street gang, the Proud Boys.

Bonus! I also had an article published at Ravishly yesterday. This one is quite personal, but if you've ever wondered about whether or not I'm a survivor, this will not really answer that question but whatever enjoy:

To All Those Who Don't Know If They've Been Sexually Assaulted

Memory is a funny thing.

I will hopefully blog again later today, as there are some THINGS we need to DISCUSS, AMERICA. But I also have to deal with this headache involving license plates thanks to FedEx, which is also worthless. Apparently nobody can figure out how to get things here. Happy Tuesday.

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