Monday, October 8, 2018

Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day!

The fact that anyone is still celebrating Columbus is fucked up!

In 2014, the city of Seattle (where I almost reside) did away with Columbus Day and now celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day by, I dunno, doing nothing but patting themselves on the back for being woke? If you want to do something real to make up for the fact that you live on land stolen from an indigenous tribe that was nearly wiped out by us white people because we wanted their land for free (assuming you're not of the Duwamish tribe) and you're in the Seattle area, check out the Real Rent Duwamish project!

Real Rent calls on people who live and work in Seattle to make rent payments to the Duwamish Tribe. Though the city named for the Duwamish leader Chief Seattle thrives, the Tribe has yet to be justly compensated for their land, resources, and livelihood.
You can do something today to stand in solidarity with First Peoples of this land by paying Real Rent.  
All funds go directly to Duwamish Tribal Services (DTS) to support the revival of Duwamish culture and the vitality of the Duwamish Tribe.

You can choose how much you contribute, or they have a donation calculator to help you figure out what you can reasonably afford. My income right now is very low, but once I find some stability, I plan to start paying rent to the Duwamish tribe, as I should, being a direct descendant of colonizers.

All of us white people have benefitted from living on land stolen via genocide. Give a little of that back.

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