Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Flawless Feminist Victory

This is a thing of beauty:

This New Feminist Antifa Group Is Taking on the Far-Right

Mmmmmm yeah that's the stuff.

When a British far-right group announced its plans to march in London on Saturday, women on the left knew they had to push back. Enter: Feminist Anti-Fascism Assembly (FAF), a new feminist antifascist bloc made up of a coalition of feminist organizations, trade unions, migrant rights groups, and anti-racist organizers. 
On an unseasonably warm autumnal afternoon, FAF and other antifascist groups held back the Democratic Foorball Lads Alliance (DFLA) as they attempted to march through the streets of central London. The DFLA are a splinter group from the Football Lads Alliance, a British street movement of soccer fans.

It's just too bad that these badass feminists are in the U.K. and not in the U.S. Not yet, anyway.

Antifascist organizers kept up a relentless chant of “no pasaran” (“they shall not pass” in Spanish), their ranks powerfully headed up by an assembly of women and nonbinary supporters. The DFLA hurled racist slurs, beer cans, and chants of “God Save the Queen” and “Rule Britannia” in response. 
Finally, the antifascist bloc edged out the far right faction and continued its march along Waterloo Bridge. FAF organizers described the day as a success, but called on more people to join the movement of resistance against far-right ideology.

Liberal feminist? Nah.

Radical feminism? Nope.

Anti-fascist feminism?

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