Wednesday, September 26, 2018

You're From the Twilight Zone, Kavanaugh

Haha just kidding, Brett is 100% your standard rich, powerful white man who knows he has nothing to lose from dragging his accuser's names through the mud. But that doesn't make me hate him any less.

Huge trigger warning for these new Kavanaugh developments, though you probably will not be able to shield yourself from this news unless you do a full media shut down. I'm sorry you have to live like this, survivors.

New Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick details parties where girls allegedly were drugged and raped

Behold my shocked face:


But according to Brett, who has an incredibly appropriate first name by the way, this kind of allegation is "ridiculous and from the Twilight Zone."

Ah. Playing on the classic rape culture denial. These things don't happen, right? Oh, except that they happen so routinely that every teenage girl has to get a special talk from their parents about not ever drinking from a drink at a party unless you poured it yourself and have kept the drink in your sight at all times. If it was out of your sight for even a second? Dump it and get a new one. There have been multiple discreet devices invented for detecting date rape drugs in drinks. Oh, and the fact that "date rape drug" is a real drug category. The fact that "date rape" exists as a term on this planet.

Shall I go on, Brett? Or is this blowing your mind to little tiny pieces?

Even if what Swetnick described might sound extreme to your everyday person who doesn't read up on rape culture enough to occasionally send themself into an existential depression ending in bed in the fetal position, I have no doubt that it happens. Really, these kinds of stories are everywhere. In real life and depicted in fiction that is very much based on reality. This kind of shit is wayyyyy too mundane for the Twilight Zone.

Brett, do yourself and the rest of the world a favor and just go away. Retreat back into the mansion I'm sure you own and die in obscurity. It's far better than you deserve.

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