Monday, September 24, 2018

Yeah, Sure, Sexual Assault Accusations Ruin Men's Lives


If you couldn't tell, that headline is sarcastic. And here's a really fucked up reason why:

Alaska man kidnapped woman, choked her unconscious, and masturbated on her—no jail time

The 34-year-old former FAA airport tower controller, who was charged and pleaded guilty to offering a woman a ride in his car, driving her to another location, strangling her until she was unconscious, and then masturbating on her, has been released on three years’ probation. Justin Schneider will not serve jail time, the judge saying his “time served,” living with his parents and wearing an ankle monitor, is enough. Anchorage Assistant District Attorney Andrew Grannik told news outlets that expert opinion on the low recidivism rates of perpetrators like Schneider was one of the reasons he was accepting a deal that didn’t include anymore prison time. Grannik also said that the loss of Schneider’s federal job was in itself a “life sentence.”

Hi, yeah, uhhhhhhhhhhhh IT'S FUCKING NOT.

This guy is going to get another job and move on with his life. The woman is going to have to live with what happened to her until the day she dies. Possibly having PTSD, being afraid of every man, remembering the time she thought she was going to die right before she passed out from being strangled when she was kidnapped.

And this guy gets probation? Kidnapping, physical and sexual assault, and he gets probation.

This because the judge for some reason thinks a guy who went to all the trouble of picking up a woman, driving her out to somewhere weird, strangling her to unconsciousness, and masturbating on her body is unlikely to re-offend. Do you have any idea how long that takes? This wasn't an incident where a guy just lost control for a second. That all had to take at least a half an hour, all the while the guy was continuously making the choice to do this to her. But the risk that he'll assault another woman is "low" according to Judge Michael Corey.

Here in reality, we know the risk is very high. He'll ruin the lives of more women while he's employed somewhere else, free to assault people.

Fuck anyone who frets that sexual assault allegations ruin men's lives, because even when they're found guilty, they're fucking fine. Rape. Culture.

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