Friday, September 21, 2018

Well This is Some Racist Bullshit

Turns out white college admissions specialists don't like black students interested in their own liberation.

White College Admissions Counselors Don't Want 'Woke' Black Students: Study

A new study reveals that black high school students who are actively fighting racism might have a harder time getting into colleges with white admissions counselors because ... Wait? Did you even read the first part of that sentence?

Hold on while I follow Michael Harriot on Twitter. Okay, let's continue.

Basically, a researcher sent out emails to college admissions counselors, 80 percent of whom are white, under four different black student personas. The ones who expressed being politically active were less likely to receive a response.

The study found that counselors responded to the “racially salient” emails (the environmentalist and the nondescript black student) 65 percent of the time. The racial unifier and the activist only received responses 55 percent of the time. He also found that there was a strong gender bias on both sides.

White men continue to be the worst, but white women continue to be afraid of black men.

Thornhill’s study also found that there was only bias when the counselors thought the student was a black male, noting that black girls were significantly more likely than boys to receive responses, “irrespective of counselor gender and narrative type.” But that’s because white female counselors were much more willing to accept activist black female students than activist black male students (a difference of 22 percentage points).

I encourage all my fellow white people to click through and read the entire piece, because this writer is funny and spot on, and a black man, and this article is from the Root.

This shit is why we definitely still need affirmative action, including in my state, where we actually did away with affirmative action, because the white people running things here in Washington State think they're totally progressive and definitely not racist (they are, though).

We need black activists more than ever in this country. This institutional racism needs to fucking stop.

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