Monday, September 10, 2018

Welcome Back

Hey so a lot of intense stuff happened in the news right after I decided to take a break last week, of course. I did have a good week. Me and my significant other got a new/used car! And now every time I look at it I feel like such a capitalist. We bought one at a dealership instead of a private sale. And when I look at it I see $17,000 in debt. Also apparently on the new cars, the electronics control everything, die faster, and are more expensive to replace! Whee!

But damn it is nice to have two cars for two people. I won't be trapped at home anymore. And uhhhhh something something Bluetooth.

Anyway last week people in Iowa got robocalls calling for the death of all Latinx people from a neo-nazi group.

“She was stabbed in the back by an invader from Mexico,” the one-and-a-half minute call says, according to KCCI. The call begins with referencing Tibbetts’ death, allegedly at the hands of an undocumented immigrant. 
The call then takes a more disturbing turn, calling for the annihilation of all 58 million Latinos living in the United States. 
“Refound America as whites only and get rid of them now. Every last one,” the call says.

This news came to light right after this other news:

U.S. is denying passports to Americans along the border, throwing their citizenship into question

As he would later learn, Juan is one of a growing number of people whose official birth records show they were born in the United States but who are now being denied passports — their citizenship suddenly thrown into question. The Trump administration is accusing hundreds, and possibly thousands, of Hispanics along the border of using fraudulent birth certificates since they were babies, and it is undertaking a widespread crackdown.

By "Hispanics" they mean Latinx people.

Accusing thousands of people of using "fraudulent birth certificates." That sounds familiar. How long has Trump been planning this? Get racists into a frenzy about birth certificates during the Age of the Black President, then start accusing other brown people of having fake birth certificates. Meanwhile, in Iowa...

What I'm saying is that we're getting closer to full-on genocide every day.

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