Friday, September 21, 2018

The Narrative Over Kavanaugh's Rape Attempt Changes

This is how rape culture works. Someone that some people like gets accused of sexual assault, and they take every angle to defend the guy, even if the contradict each other.

Don Jr. tweets a slut-shaming attack on Christine Blasey Ford's entire high school

Don Jr. retweeted a D’Souza tweet saying that “No one in the media is covering the culture of hookups and binge drinking the accuser was part of. Here’s what they’re trying to cover up.” The tweet links a post on a blog called “Cult of the First Amendment,” drawing on the yearbooks of Holton-Arms, the school Ford attended.

There is also no place that a rape apologist won't dig to try and discredit an accuser. Since they're failing to discredit Ford, I guess they're attacking her high school now?

So the story has changed from "Ford is lying" to "the administrators at the high school they went to allowed sex and drinking to happen outside of the school" which somehow absolves Kavanaugh of attempted rape, somehow?

Meanwhile, Ford has had to move her family due to an influx of death threats.

Republican politicians and pundits remain indistinguishable from alt-right online trolls conspiring on 8chan and other sewers.

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