Monday, September 17, 2018

Protect Christine Blasey Ford


If you don't know this name yet, Christine Blasey Ford is the woman who came forward with her story about how Kavanaugh, the current SCOTUS nominee, tried to rape her.

Ford had originally intended to remain anonymous, but in this world of assholes, she realized that somebody would eventually find her and publish her identity against her will. So she has gone public. Either way, she is a hero doing the country a great service, or at least attempting to. Unfortunately, our current government is such a fucking shit show that I don't think anything short of a meteor that directly strikes Washington D.C. will stop the confirmation of the human nightmare that is Brett Kavanaugh.

Regardless, Ford is making an incredible sacrifice and has succeeded in at least throwing some doubt into the mix and perhaps delaying the confirmation process. For this, she will inevitably be the victim of vicious attacks. I'm sure she's already being horrifically harassed. This is now going to define the rest of her life. I mean, the president of the fucking country is attacking this poor woman, and his minions are doing the same.

Four people close to the White House said they expected Republicans to question the accuser's vague memories and why Feinstein, up for reelection in November with Democratic base hungry for anti-Trump fodder, sat on the accusations for months. Three of them also said they expect the president to go after Kavanaugh's accuser rather than to turn on the judge. Those people noted that Trump has done so before, not just denouncing his own accusers but also attacking those of others, notably, failed Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.

What we should really do is start a crowdfunding campaign to just set her up for the rest of her life. She should be able to live in reasonable comfort and privacy. It's always a nightmare to come forward about sexual assault, but she's standing up to Lord Dampnut at the same time. Let's just hope she doesn't end up dead. 

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