Monday, September 17, 2018

Now Here's Trump Jr. Being an Absolute Cockwaffle


If you want to know what a cockwaffle is, google "Donald Trump Jr."

So okay. There are mass amounts of fuckery going on with the GOP and their defenders right now over the whole "Brett Kavanaugh is a rapist piece of shit" thing, and there will almost certainly be more fuckery to come. One of the bits of said fuckery is the idea that because Kavanaugh's rape attempt happened in high school, it's absurd to even bring this up in relation to his SCOTUS nomination.

Here's the thing. You know how much I hate rapists. And yes, I am a completely unreasonable leftist SJW who is somehow simultaneously a witch and a witch hunter. But I am, in fact, open to forgiving people for bad things they did when they were minors. Perhaps even after. I'm not saying that Christine Blasey Ford has to forgive him. Far from it. And I think she's a hero for coming forward. However, I don't think that even as heinous and horrible a crime as sexual assault always must disqualify someone from public office.

There are some conditions to this forgiveness that I think are reasonable. First, you have admit that you did the thing. Kavanaugh denies it. You can't be forgiven for something you denied happened. And yes, I absolutely believe it happened, because who would make up something that would ruin your entire life? In this case, there's even strong evidence supporting Ford's claim. But even without that, I would 100% believe her.

Kavanaugh would have to admit that he did it. He's already fucked that up. Even if he were to turn around and admit it now, he already lied about it, so he's done. He would have needed to own up to it, apologize, denounce rape and rape culture, and then denounce all the millions of assholes calling Ford a liar and uplifting rape culture in the process. It would help a lot if he would commit to teaching his fellow men and underage boys about rape culture, consent, and why it's not okay to try and rape people. Basically, he has to demonstrate that he is no longer a rapist and will therefore not bring a rapist mindset to the Supreme Court of the United States.

None of that will happen, so fuck him.

Also, he was probably already disqualified from any kind of "it happened a long time ago" pass by being a lying, cheating, bootlicking toad who called birth control a form of abortion and is so clearly being paid off by Trump to get on the Supreme Court and make whatever ruling he's told to make. Putting him on the SCOTUS is the opposite of justice. It's corruption.

So anyway, Donald Trump Jr. posted this fake note on Instagram that says "Hi Cindy, will you be my boyfriend, yes/no" written in crayon. The implication here, I think (and I might be totally wrong because MAN right-wing bullshit is convoluted as fuck), is that Kavanaugh was so young when he attempted to rape Ford that he was practically writing in crayon at the time. Which is fucking ridiculous, because he was in high school. Pretty close to being an adult. As in if he had been a black man, he would have been tried as an adult and spent years in prison.

What Junior is also doing is comparing attempted rape (if you haven't read it, I can tell you that it is graphic, disturbing, and definitely still sexual assault which I somehow still have to constantly remind people IS A CRIME) to asking a girl out when you're nine years old. As though attempted rape is as cute and innocent as one of those "check the box if you like me" notes from elementary school.

Even fuckin' Kellyanne Conway supports Ford, you monumental cockwaffle. Why don't you go cannonball into a vat of acid?

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