Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Morning Announcements

I'm off to the Don't Punish Pain rally in Olympia today. It's a rally to protest the state's overreaction to the country's opioid crisis which is denying people in chronic pain the medication they need to function. These individuals have been saying that they would kill themselves without their pain management because being in intense pain all the time is too much to live through. I keep hearing stories about people being told to take Tylenol or aspirin after surgery or sustaining severe injuries.

It's so American to ignore a problem until it starts affecting people who aren't poor or homeless or brown and then, when the problem has grown into something massive and horrific, to freak out so bad about it that we do more harm than good in trying to solve it.

I know many people who deal with chronic or frequent pain. I don't want any of them to kill themselves.

Anyway, I might post video and/or photos later. Have a good day, maybe read up on the issue.

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