Friday, September 28, 2018

Dear Women: Stand Up and Burn It Down


Today, the vote on Kavanaugh is going forward. I hate saying this, but I am 100% convinced that he will be confirmed. I have felt this way since the day he was nominated. I always felt that nothing could stop Republicans from confirming him. I still feel that way. Trump has 19 allegations against him and he admitted on tape to sexually assaulting women for sport, and the Republican party stood by him, and he's president now.

I'm waiting for the news with a knot in my stomach. I feel like crying, and also screaming. Just like every other decent woman in the country.

Once that happens, I'm sure women will want to march. If we do, can we march upon the White House? I'm tired of yelling in the streets while those in power ignore us and keep fucking us over. Can we drag all the men out of Congress and tell them that they can either resign right there and walk away or we can make them physically unable to serve? Tell me about the power of voting all you want, but things have only gotten worse. Now we're facing a Supreme Court that will drag us back into the Dark Ages, if we let them.

Why are we sitting around letting this happen? White House security can't stop all of us.

I'm just so desperately tired of seeing women cry. Listening to men shit all over survivors by saying things they know are not true or completely hypocritical, but they don't care, because all they care about is grabbing more and more power. If I have to see one more old, nasty white guy say "why is she bringing this up now" or fret about another nasty white guy's "reputation" or "career" while women, many of whom are survivors, have to sit quietly and calmly and listen to them. If this is government, give me anarchy. I can't stand it anymore.

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