Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Cops Get Special Rights and That is So Dangerous


Taking a break from the Kavanaugh hell for a second. Let's go back to that cop who walked into a black man's apartment, killed him, and claimed she thought it was her apartment, or not.

She's been fired.

Dallas PD Fires Police Officer Who Shot Black Man in His Own Apartment

I'm glad she won't be a cop anymore, at least for a little while until another department hires her because that shit happens all the time. But let's talk about cop privilege.

This cop's story has been sketchy as fuck since the beginning. Yet this firing may be the worst that happens to her. She's been charged with manslaughter, but based on the fact that she changed her story and that "I thought it was my apartment" is the weakest defense I've ever heard, she should be charged with murder. And if it weren't for her cop privilege, not to mention her white privilege over the black man she murdered, I'm pretty sure she would be.

But the fact is that in the U.S. (at least), cops get special privileges. They have special rights.

Remember when conservatives were trying to argue that marriage equality was giving The Gays "special rights" by removing pointless legal restrictions that only hurt gay people? I think about that a lot.

You know who actually get special rights? Cops. Cops have the very special right in this country to murder whoever they want, whether on duty or not, and make up any ridiculous story they want about it, and they get to walk free because they hold a certain job. And they defend this by claiming that their job is so dangerous. Cops don't even make the top 10 list of most dangerous jobs. If anyone should get special rights, it's logging workers, who by far make up the most deaths on the job per capita.

Now, let's talk about why cops getting special rights is so dangerous. Imagine you're a fucking asshole who wants to murder, abuse, rape, steal, and ruin lives, and get away with it. All it takes is a baseline acceptable background, less training than a hairstylist, and some tests that the vast majority can pass with some physical training. Then you're handed a gun and basically a license to kill.

Please explain to me how the profession of police officer is not going to attract the worst that humanity has to offer. You know, at least from those who don't have it in them to become CEOs and Wall Street fuckoffs.


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