Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Amazon is Making Whole Foods a Terrible Place to Work

So you all know how much I hate Amazon ever since they settled into Seattle, started shipping in techbros from all over the country and jacking up rent for everyone else, and continuing to foster work environments that make people want to jump off the room or just make them collapse in exhaustion and have to leave work in an ambulance, all while not paying employees anything close to what they're worth, and making obscene profits off of all that while the homeless population in the area has skyrocketed while they've been here.

Despite the above, people (mostly upper class white people) have continued to defend Amazon and Darth Bezos. Now, I've never bought anything at a Whole Foods and only actually been inside one once, because I think they only have them in Bellevue and yes, everything there is overpriced. Then Amazon took over, meaning I'm definitely not ever buying anything there, but also, conditions for workers have apparently tanked.

Whole Foods workers seek to unionize, citing worsening conditions and low morale under Amazon

“Over the past year, layoffs and the consolidation of store level positions at Whole Foods Market have upset the livelihood of team members, stirred anxiety,” and lowered morale within stores, the email said. It also alleged that Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods came with an agreement to trim hundreds of millions of dollars in labor costs from the chain’s stores.

I hope they successfully unionize, I hope they take Amazon to the cleaners, and I hope Bezos cries.

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