Wednesday, August 22, 2018

White Tears Get Black Woman Fired Over White Tears Article

In an amazing feat of Not Getting It, two white women got their black colleague fired over that article about white women weaponizing their white tears.

Black Journalist Fired After White Colleagues Complained About Her Sharing Article About White Women's Tears On Her Private Facebook Page

This bullshit was brought to everyone's attention by the author of the original white tears piece, Ruby Hamad.

Not a peep from the crowd that's constantly crying about white supremacists getting fired for being extremely racist in their personal time, by the way.

According to Hamad, Lisa Benson Cooper had filed a discrimination complaint against her workplace after being repeatedly passed over for promotion in favor of less experienced white coworkers. So this was likely an excuse to retaliate against her. Cooper is now suing the media company, as well she should.

And we can all help her by sharing her story. Especially us white women who are tired of seeing our fellow white women use their hurt feelings to attack, punish, and hold back black women.

And if you haven't read Hamad's article yet, please do so:

How white women use strategic tears to silence women of colour

“White women tears are especially potent … because they are attached to the symbol of femininity,” Ajayi explains. “These tears are pouring out from the eyes of the one chosen to be the prototype of womanhood; the woman who has been painted as helpless against the whims of the world. The one who gets the most protection in a world that does a shitty job overall of cherishing women.”

We white women need to be acutely aware of this and shut it down when we see it. Don't leave women of color to do all the work for us yet again.

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