Thursday, August 30, 2018

Seattle Police: Traffic More Important Than Rights

Hi yes Pete Holmes is a narc and nobody likes him.

Facing ‘sleeping dragon,’ Seattle cracks down on protesters who block traffic

City Attorney Pete Holmes filed criminal charges this week against 15 people who blocked Second Avenue in May while protesting the construction of an oil pipeline. Holmes also plans to file charges against about a half-dozen immigrant-rights activists who were arrested in June who blocked the same street.

They blocked the street??? Oh heavens no, not the street!! WON'T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE STREET.

Seriously, though, if you're more worried about the temporary, minor inconvenience of having to wait a while in traffic or find another way around a blocked road that human rights and lives, you're a complete bourgeois piece of shit who is the reason why the human race has like, 200 years left tops.

And this is your fault. The people arrested were protesting the youth jail because youth jails are notoriously racist and studies have shown that incarcerating youth does nothing but traumatize them. Others were protesting the oil pipelines that are contributing to that whole "the human race is doomed and we're taking like half or more of all animal species down with us" thing. You know, the things that middle class and above people like to pretend doesn't exist so they can feel good about buying a second SUV?

The decision comes after city police came under criticism from residents for not arresting demonstrators in March who closed off intersections downtown when they came out against the construction of a jail for youth. The Seattle Police Department, which says it handles about 300 protests per year, is having to contend with continuously evolving techniques used by demonstrators who make it harder to disperse them. 
Holmes said he could no longer “turn a blind eye.”

You mean like the blind eye people turn on the homeless population and the increasing segregation of Seattle schools? Or the school-to-prison pipeline?

People are actually complaining that the SPD isn't arresting enough protesters. Honestly, fuck you, Seattle. Fuck all the bougie white people living and working in their towers downtown who think that an interruption to their routine is oppression. Someday you'll be pulled down from your ivory towers and, if you're lucky, killed quickly.

Oh, I'm sorry, does that sound harsh? Well, it could have been avoided if you'd have let peaceful protests happen.

Also, quick question, what the fuck is going on here?:

“When expensive resources have to be deployed to clear them, protesters should expect me to file charges,” he said. “I do not want to tell anyone how to exercise their First Amendment rights. I respect them.”

Uhhhhhhhhh NO YOU DON'T, PETE.  You can't say you respect the right to protest while arrested protesters for blocking traffic.

People still don't seem to get that disruption is the entire point of protests. It's to get you to pay the fuck attention, because you fucks will ignore all the world's problems unless someone shoves them right in your face. By demanding that police arrest these protesters, you're sending a clear message to the world.

"Fuck the poor, fuck the oppressed, fuck the planet - all I care about is my personal comfort and convenience and if billions have to suffer so I can get it, good."

That's you. And we all know it.

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