Wednesday, August 15, 2018

School Literally Closed Down By Massive Transphobia


A horrifically transphobic post "warning" parents of the kids going to a middle school in Oklahoma against a 12-year-old trans girl sparked a flood of even more horrifically and intensely violent comments AGAINST A 12-YEAR-OLD. It was so bad that the school closed for two days because the local police didn't want to deal with any "demonstrations" that might occur at this school for children.

This shit got national attention after the Oklahoma City chapter of Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays got involved, and then Free Mom Hugs.

The hatred from these people against a 12-year-old girl is just so intense. Multiple adult humans suggesting very specific transphobic violence against her. Physical violence. I don't recommend reading the comments if you're trans. Maybe not if you're cis, either, if you're triggered by violent threats. Or absolute dehumanization.

The FBI is investigating for hate crimes. I hope somebody gets charged with inciting violence/making violent threats against a trans child, but I'm not holding my breath. At least the school appears to be making efforts to educate staff on trans issues.

I don't know how people go about thinking they're decent human beings who deserve to be able to live and participate in society while wanting to main children and being willing to announce that on a community Facebook page. All this because the poor girl didn't know where the staff bathroom was in her new school (when she should be 100% allowed to use whatever bathroom she wants) so she used the girl's bathroom once because she had to fucking pee.

Try to tell me transphobia isn't a problem.

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