Thursday, August 16, 2018

Did You Hear About How Police Sided With Nazis In Portland?


I feel like this somehow slipped through the NSF cracks, partially because I took a break last week, but holy fucking hell the shit that went down the weekend before that in Portland, wow.

In Portland, the Police Played Into the Hands of the Fascists and Attacked Their Own Citizens

I cannot stress enough how much Portland police accommodated, sided with, and fought for nazis on August 4th when counter-protesters stood up to Patriot Prayer, the Proud Boys, and other fascists and white supremacist groups. The counter-protesters, by the way, were Portland citizens instead of assholes flown/bussed in from out of state with the help of Alex Fucking Jones.

Everything had remained more or less peaceful until the Portland cops suddenly and randomly charged the counter-protesters, haphazardly flash bang grenades into the fleeing, panicked crowd. including an unexploded flash bang grenade fired at such close range into the back of a fleeing protester's head that it pierced his helmet, which thank god he was wearing or he would be dead right now. As it is, the back of his head was still bloodied, at the very least.

The journalist in the article above reports being trapped by police in a crowd of other journalists as the cops beat them with clubs. Ah, yes, the Land of the Free.

He caught the charge on video. It's really terrifying. There's a large gap between him and the line of police and for no apparent reason there's a bang and they all charge down the street right at him, then hit and shove him with their batons shouting "move" as he tries to back up and get out of the way. I just do not understand why they did this. And they did so with the nazis cheering them on. I hope they feel super good about themselves.

Oh, and did you see the video of a woman simply walking down the street with the sign, minding her business, when a cop clearly reaches out and grabs the sign for no goddamn reason and tries to rip it from her. She then gets shoved to the ground, piled on, and arrested for I guess trying to hang onto the sign that the cop attempted to steal from her. It's fucking awful.

The cops have put out all sorts of bullshit reasons for this fascist behavior, because cops have always been honest about why they attack and assault peaceful protesters. An order to disperse that no one heard before they charged, supposed weapons spotted in the crowd of counter-protesters despite the nazi crowd carrying all kinds of weapons, "blocking traffic" as though that justifies attempted murder, and finally, a claim that some cops cars were in danger!

The actions of the Portland police are now "under review" by order of the Police Chief, but I feel like I can predict the outcome of that review.

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