Monday, August 13, 2018

I'm Back, and So Was 'Unite the Right'

But not in force.

Unite the Right 2018 was a pathetic failure

A couple of hours before the march was supposed to start, around 20 to 25 white nationalists, led by rally organizer Jason Kessler, had arrived at Foggy Bottom. Instead of waiting around, and swarmed by media, police, and a lot of counterprotesters, they had forged ahead on the march route hours earlier than scheduled. There, Kessler complained to reporters about the police in Charlottesville and counterprotesters, and then left.

As others have already pointed out, this is very likely to be a direct result of antifa efforts to stand up to these fascists. These fuckers spent the past year whining about having to fear being "outed," getting fired, getting doxxed, and generally being opposed.

On top of these problems, several Charlottesville attendees had their identities revealed — which resulted not just in public shaming but in some attendees getting fired from their jobs. That’s why neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin warned people to not go to this year’s rally, writing, “Getting doxed as a neo-Nazi street fighter will ruin your life, forever.”

Like antifa has been saying for many months/years/decades while liberals claim that we need to be nice to them, the key to defeating fascists and white supremacists is to make the consequences for open demonstration of said fascism and white supremacy too severe for them to want to do so.

And so, thank you once again, antifa, for protecting us and making the world a better place for non-fascists everywhere.

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