Friday, August 31, 2018

I Hate You, Louis C.K.

I mentioned the other day that both Aziz Ansari and Louis C.K. had returned to comedy after spending a little time in the corner pretending to think about what they did. But on Wednesday, this article came out in Vulture explaining just how Louis C.K., the grosser and shitter of the two in my opinion, returned to the stage.

Two Women Describe Louis C.K.’s ‘Uncomfortable’ Comedy Cellar Set

As the New York Times reported, when Louis C.K. took the stage for a surprise set at the Comedy Cellar Sunday night, he was met with applause. The short set was his first appearance after he released a statement in November admitting to sexually harassing five women following a New York Times exposé. Two women who sat through C.K.’s set told Vulture that though the small venue’s audience was overwhelmingly supportive of the comedian, one joke about rape whistles was “uncomfortable,” and that there seemed to be a divide between how men and women reacted to C.K.’s presence.

Two things about this infuriate me, and I bet you can guess what they are.

First, the asshole had the nerve to make a rape joke. I don't care if it was just a joke mentioning rape or whatever excuse you can pull out of your ass in his defense, I don't want to hear the word "rape" ever come out of that sexual predator's mouth again unless he's admitting that he raped someone and asking to be thrown in prison.

It just proves that he learned nothing. And that's because he had no intention of learning anything. I doubt he thinks he has anything to learn. I bet he thinks he did nothing wrong, or if he does, he doesn't give a fuck. He knows he can get back on stage after a couple months and continue his boring routine of "I'm a gross pathetic cishet white man and I can't do anything to improve myself at all, pity laugh at me."

And he's right. You know how I know he's right? Because of the second infuriating thing.

S.B. said the audience was mostly white, with lots of couples. Both women say the set was awkward, but the first woman was particularly upset by it. “It was an all-male set to begin with. Then, it’s sort of exacerbated by [C.K.’s] presence,” she said. “If someone had heckled him, I think they would’ve been heckled out. It felt like there were a lot of aggressive men in the audience and very quiet women. It’s the kind of vibe that doesn’t allow for a dissenting voice. You’re just expected to be a good audience member. You’re considered a bad sport if you speak out.”

The men in the audience totally supported him. They didn't care how the women of the audience would feel, and they certainly didn't care that he sexually assaulted at least five women. And why should they? Like I've said before, men don't understand rape. And they don't care about it, either.

All men do is confirm that statement in my mind over and over and over.

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