Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Aziz and Louis Are Back From Their Ruined Lives


It must be so hard for famous men to have to slip out of the public eye for a few months, basically take an extended vacation, then quietly go back to exactly what they were doing before without any reduction in their fanbase.

It just makes me so angry. They don't have to go to jail or even court for committing the CRIME of sexual assault. At most they experience a hiccup in their careers. A brief pause, and then everything goes back to normal, all is forgiven, even though they never actually even apologized. Not that an apology is appropriate compensation for ASSAULTING MULTIPLE WOMEN.

I have to contend with the constant, unrelenting hand-wringing about men having their entire lives ruined by sexual assault/rape accusations. These men straight up admitted to their crimes, and their lives are far from ruined. Meanwhile poor black men have their entire lives ruined by being caught with a little weed. Or are murdered for looking at a cop wrong.

No. Louis C.K., who put a stop to many women's careers via sexual assault, gets to come back to his comedy career to a standing ovation. Aziz is back after raping a woman. The least they could do is make sure we never have to hear or see their fucking names ever again. They could just live off their wealth until they die in obscurity. But no.

Tell me about how ruined their lives are. Better yet, tell it to Ewan McGregor's deeply disappointed face.

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