Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Your Daily Dose of ICE Horror

I'd say that this should catch the attention of the "pro-life" crowd but hahahaha we all know they don't actually give a fuck about life.

Pregnant Women Say They Miscarried In Immigration Detention And Didn't Get The Care They Needed

Two weeks after arriving in the US seeking asylum, E, 23, found herself in a detention cell in San Luis, Arizona, bleeding profusely and begging for help from staff at the facility. She was four months pregnant and felt like she was losing her baby. She had come to the US from El Salvador after finding out she was pregnant, in the hopes of raising her son in a safer home. 
“An official arrived and they said it was not a hospital and they weren’t doctors. They wouldn’t look after me,” she told BuzzFeed News, speaking by phone from another detention center, Otay Mesa in San Diego. “I realized I was losing my son. It was his life that I was bleeding out. I was staining everything. I spent about eight days just lying down. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t do anything. I started crying and crying and crying.”

Is there any end to the horrors of this country's immigration policies? They're not doctors but they could have fucking found her one. She was bleeding for eight days, unable to eat. She could have died. Her baby did. Do those heartless fucks as ICE care at all? No.

About a week after speaking with BuzzFeed News, E gave up her fight for asylum, accepted voluntary departure, and was deported back to El Salvador.

This makes me sick with anger. We treat desperate people just looking for a better life for their children like criminals, put them in cages, refuse them medical care, and kill their unborn children. No word from the so-called "pro-life" administration on this.

Who cares about pregnant women or their babies if they're not white, is that it?

The new ICE directive states that women are not to be held into their third trimester and that ICE is responsible for “ensuring pregnant detainees receive appropriate medical care including effectuating transfers to facilities that are able to provide appropriate medical treatment.” 
But BuzzFeed News has found evidence that that directive is not being carried out. Instead, women in immigration detention are often denied adequate medical care, even when in dire need of it, are shackled around the stomach while being transported between facilities, and have been physically and psychologically mistreated.

Pregnant women shackled around the fucking stomach.

The BuzzFeed article is long and full of many more horrors.

Fucking. Abolish. ICE.

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