Thursday, July 26, 2018

Trump is Concerned and We Should All Be Terrified

So amid all the new fucked up news about how Russia absolutely definitely did rig the election for Trump, SUDDENLY Trump has done a 180 from trying to deny it happened or that Russia had anything to do with it (only not wtf ahhhhhhh) and is now VERY CONCERNED ABOUT ELECTION TAMPERING.

President Trump 'very concerned' Russia will meddle in midterm elections — to help Democrats

This makes exactly 0% sense, of course, until you realize that this is exactly the kind of propaganda bullshit that will rally his base behind him when (and I mean WHEN) he starts suggesting that we postpone elections until they can be secured or whatever.

And that is how what's left of Democracy will die in the U.S. Unless we can stop him. I'm not entirely sure how we do that, but I'm all for storming the White House if we have to.

Fuck the orange fascist.

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