Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Request for Donations

Hello, this is your irregular call to donate to my ass because I am a woman writing, providing a service and hopefully some entertainment, so I need to ask for payment. Writing this right now is more to convince myself than you.

It's difficult to ask for donations in this culture that tells us that women are supposed to provide free labor and also that blogging isn't a real job. But it does wear on me, mentally and emotionally, to keep up this blog, as much as I may love this crappy little blogger site.

I had an unexpected $561 expense this month when my kitty Leela started pawing at her mouth and I found a huge mass growing on her gums. It turned out to be an abscess that definitely needed to be removed, but that was a lot of money, especially during a time when my significant other and I are trying to save up for a second car before the first one craps out. The old Nissan turned 20 this year. I'm assuming next year I can start pouring ethanol into the tank. Because it'll be 21. Get it? This is the kind of entertainment I'm talking about.

Our rent is also going up by another $80 per month so uhhhh fuck.

Anyway, copy-pasting from my other donation posts:

The best way to donate to me is through Paypal, and here is my Paypal.me link.

Otherwise you could donate through my Patreon which I still have for some reason.

Any amount is appreciated. Love you folks.

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