Friday, July 20, 2018

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A friend sent me this article, published yesterday, on the man who stabbed his father to death on Samish Island over alt-right conspiracy theories 70 miles from where I live.

Alt-Right Troll To Father Killer: The Unraveling Of Lane Davis

It's an incredible story of a man desperate to find a reason to live, finding it in wild right-wing and white supremacist conspiracy theories, and murdering his own father when he was told to either get help or move out.

The most incredible parts are how alt-right "celebrities" or whatever you call them, I guess exploiters of false outrage for money, used the man and then tossed him aside multiple times, including up to and after the murder. The article explains exactly how the owners and employees of the "Ralph Retort," a fairly well-known website in the alt-right fake outrage exploitation market, goaded Lane into increasingly intense rages and then denounced him as a "loser" after hearing of the murder. They also, of course, denied any and all responsibility for helping to radicalize him and encouraging the beliefs and desperation that led directly to the murder.

They went straight to the "it's just a joke" shit. [Ableist language ahead.]

“Lane Davis was a 33-year-old unemployed loser who lived with his parents and had no income to speak of. The man he murdered is the sole reason he was able to subsist at all. He had some volatile anger issues which are evident in the many YouTube streams he’s been present on. He’s also made threats and wild unfounded accusations against a lot of people over the past few years. I thought it was all in jest, but hindsight is always 20-20.”
If the Ralphs felt guilt over the killing, though, they felt an equal amount of anger and bewilderment. It astounded them that Lane had been serious all along. No one could really believe, they thought, in a Marxist plot to enforce pedophilia with antifa shock troops.
“He completely ruined his life with some stupid internet shit,” Ralph said. “He didn’t get the game.”
“I watch Alex Jones,” Nora told me. “To me, that’s entertainment. We don’t really think the frogs are gay. I don’t think the protein powder works. I never thought some people watch this stuff and are like, yes, this is hard-hitting journalism. I thought most of us could distinguish between entertainment and facts. I never really thought people were stupid enough to get caught up in this stuff.”

You did, you do, and you exploit that for money.

What a lot of people don't realize is how many of these highly visible "alt-right" assholes are just exploiting fake news and false right-wing outrage for money. And in doing so, they're further radicalizing the many, many people who believe all this conspiracy shit and pushing some of them to violence and murder.

But they're such assholes that they don't care if people die in their pursuit of views and clicks. If Ralph really did feel guilty for a second, he brushed it off with the same "it's just a joke" bullshit that these Schrodinger's Assholes have to deflect responsibility for the violence they incite that they've used for several years now.

This is the same Ralph Retort guy who spread photos of a woman to get her fired from Nintendo because maybe she had a side gig as a sex worker. None of that was a joke. She really did get harassed, she really did get fired, she really did get shamed by hundreds of whorephobic pieces of shit. He has blood on his hands and as far as I'm concerned he can choke on it.

None of this is to say that Lane bears no responsibility for his own actions. But the Ralphs and friends contributed a lot to the circumstances leading directly to the murder. Yet they go on with their website and new YouTube series, interviewing Richard Spencer and other white supremacists.

They should be in jail with Lane.

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