Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Cops and Klan Go Hand in Hand


One of the fucked up things that the Bothell Police sergeant said to me while trying to convince me not to file a complaint against the Bothell Police was that 99% of cops are good people. That is very hard for me to believe considering how many articles and videos about cops doing fucked up shit I see on a literal daily basis.

Some of them like this:

Jasper police officers suspended for 'white power' hand symbol in post-arrest photo


Jasper Mayor David O'Mary told in an email the officers have been suspended from the narcotics team. 
"The Civil Service Board has a say in what happens relative to compensation loss. We feel it is within the powers of the Mayor to impose a five day loss of pay," O'Mary said in an email. "In addition we will require some diversity training."

Five days pay for brazenly giving that new white power symbol in a photo in their police gear.

And of course people are trying to claim that the symbol in question is "just a joke," as though it's not utterly fucked up to joke about racist hate symbols, about the "white power movement," and as though the 4chan fucks who use that are anything better than Schrödinger's Assholes who conveniently say it's a joke when it could get them into trouble but have become completely indistinguishable from 100% proud white supremacists.

In other words, people who use that symbol are just white supremacists who go on 4chan in their spare time, which does not make them better than white supremacists who don't go on 4chan in their spare time. Also, some of those people are cops! Who get to keep their fucking jobs after outing themselves as white supremacists who go on 4chan.

I really wish I didn't have to live on this world.

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