Monday, July 30, 2018

College Administrators Have No More Excuses


First of all:

A New Report Finds That Sexual Assault Cases Do Nothing to Hurt a College's Reputation

But, according to a new analysis from the National Bureau of Economic Research, that "hit" appears to have been little more than a glancing blow: Despite the uptick in federal investigations into the mishandling of sexual assault on college campuses since the Obama administration signed its "Dear Colleague" letter—a directive to the publicly funded universities to more aggressively pursue sexual assault cases—it appears the associated public scrutiny did little to affect Columbia's public standing when it comes to applications or donations.

So they're out of that excuse. Now the only reason they could have for fucking over sexual assault victims is pure misogyny and loyalty to rape culture.


Ohio State sexual abuse scandal: Jim Jordan implausibly says he and others didn't know.

Jordan’s story centers on Ohio State University, where he worked as the assistant wrestling coach in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Former students say that during those years, OSU coaches and administrators ignored reports of sexual abuse and harassment by the wrestling team’s doctor and other faculty members. For weeks, Jordan has denied that he knew about inappropriate sexual behavior of any kind. That contradicts statements from former students who say he was directly informed. But now Jordan is going further. He’s denying not just that he knew about abuse, but also that other coaches or administrators did.
That’s odd, because Hellickson has been recorded on video saying that the team doctor, Richard Strauss, was too “hands on” with student wrestlers, that Strauss made the students “nervous” by showering with them for an hour at a time, and that Hellickson told OSU administrators about the problem. Three weeks ago, Hellickson told USA Today that he had warned Strauss to stop touching students excessively during weigh-ins. Politico reports that according to witnesses, shower voyeurism of the athletes became so invasive that Hellickson had to “physically drag the gawkers out of the building.” According to the article, Hellickson “pleaded with the university multiple times to move their athletes to a private facility.”

I found both of these articles this morning.

You can't tell me any of this was about a school's reputation. And there's no reason I should be surprised. No one gives a fuck about sexual assault and rape victims. Victim blaming of these people is so rampant that of course no one would blame the school. So the only logical conclusion is that this man is a sexual abuser and rapist and is defending his own, or at best he knew that his buddies were sexual abusers and rapists and wanted to not only cover for them, but feed them victims.

Hang him.

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