Thursday, July 12, 2018


I know we got really distracted by the whole "ripping babies from their mothers' arms and throwing them in cages with no plan to ever reunite them" thing. But remember how we have a horrible mass shooting problem in this country and gun humpers who harass teen kids who try to make it so no other kids will have to go through the horrific trauma they did.

Utah gun fanatics trail Parkland survivors speaking tour in armored vehicle with replica machine gun

Have these assholes in Utah every thought about maybe instead using their time to go fuck themselves? Just wondering.

The Utah Gun Exchange, which describes itself as a “patriot marketplace,” is taunting these teens and their supporters by following them around in armored vehicle that has a giant replica machine gun, a replica that is complete with a propane-powered mechanism to create realistic-sounding machine gun fire. They are attempting to attend the teen town halls. Can you imagine traumatizing mass shooting survivors in this way? Well, buckle up because after police stops in New York and Chicago, Bryan Melchior, co-owner of the Utah Gun Exchange, claims that he’s the real victim here.


Why isn't this considered to be criminal harassment? Does the word "harassment" even mean anything in this fucking country?

And also, just what kind of an awful person do you have to be to harass traumatized children?

Literally like,

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